Solo For Two Voices

Magdalena Reiter, Milan Tomášik, Anja Golob


Choreography and dance          Magdalena Reiter and Milan Tomášik

Dramaturgy                                 Anja Golob

Music                                            Alen Sinkauz and Nenad Sinkauz

Costume design                           Alan Hranitelj

Produced by                                 Zavod Mirabelka

Co-produced by                           Cankarjev dom, Dance Theatre Ljubljana

Partners                                        Mediterranean Dance Center, Stara gara

Acknowledgement                      Katja Somrak, CK Španski borci, Katja Šaponjić

Photography                                 Uroš Abram

Co-funded by                                Municipality of Ljubljana

Premiere                                       20th November 2017, Cankarjev dom


Letter of Testimony [Carta de Creencia] holds a special place in poetic oeuvre of the Mexican Nobel laureate Octavio Paz (1914–1998). It namely epitomizes classical traits of his poetic expression, while also being possibly the author’s best known poem.

The staged translation from poetic into dance language, named Solo for Two Voices, is our interpretation of the masterpiece, willfully entrenched in the here-and-now, yet formally maintaining a structure of distinctly divided parts according to a musical score (cantata, code). Our aim was to establish a clear, precise stage language with the ability of holding an open dialog with the text; at the same time we have been examining, throughout the working process, into what form of co-existence the two poetics of dance meeting on stage for the first time might evolve.

Paz’s poem, from the very beginning, shatters coordinates of space and time, and then goes on to – gradually and cutting through many layers – open the particular intimate relationship, on which we embark, to the ontology of love which is impossible to grasp by (mere) comprehension of togetherness of two. In this furiously disturbed world empty of meaning in which we live, it also insistently reminds us to keep asking ourselves this: what is trully essential.




19.11.2017 – prepremiere, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana

20.11.2017 – premiere, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana

28.-29.11.2017 – Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana

06.02.2018 – Dance Theatre Ljubljana

28.-29. 03.2018 –  Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana

21.04.2018 – NU DANCE FESTIVAL, Bratislava

09.05.2018 –  Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana

10.06.2018 – Gdansk Dance Festival

29.08.2018 – Dance Theatre Ljubljana

01.09.2018  Platforma festival, Maribor

25.09.2018 – PELZVERKEHR Festival, Klagenfurt

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