Workshops / teaching

Teaching is an important part of my dance practice. It allows me to precisely articulate my current dance research with dancers outside my close collaborating circuit and share knowledge with other dancers. I lead contemporary dance classes, choreography, partnering and mentoring workshops.


The workshop is a contemporary dance class that explores complex body initiations that happen outside the strict vertical. We will develop dance material using physical forces such as gravity, centrifugal and centripetal forces, in order to maximize the efficiency and add to the physicality of movement.
The workshop facilitates dynamic changes, moves through the vertical and floor work, explores the possibilities of off-balance, multidimensional movement in reference to movement (initiations, momentum, dynamics, rhythm) and space (levels, physical forces, transport). Each session contains of set exercises, dynamic phrases, and improvisation tasks that will help us focus on the qualities, coordination, and responsiveness. The tasks are made so as to challenge our movement habits, enabling us to use both new and old information. The aim is to bring the body out of the comfort zone and explore its playful physicality by using the tools that allow us to stay in a place of control and awareness.



Choreographic workshop investigates processes and strategies in relation the body which is located in “the space of interrogation”, suspended time of the unspoken. We shall work on tasks, qualities, ideas related to the body that is physically and mentally located in the never stable, safe or still zone.

The research will focus on performing qualities, articulating intentions and motivations of an idea as well as working on efficiency and choices of used means.



Partnering workshop provides tools that allow us to undergo a continuous physical dialogue with the fellow dancer. The session moves through tasks that give us understanding of giving-receiving weight, lead-follow; from simple tasks towards more complex improvisation skills and physical dance phrases with a partner. The classes can be 1,5 – 2,5 hours long. During the longer sessions the dancers will also have the chance to build their own choreographic materials with the partner based on the given tools and physical propositions.

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