VIBRA – International summer dance workshops Ljubljana

Vibra started in 2013 as summer dance workshops program offering workshops in the field of contemporary dance, contemporary ballet and classical ballet with Slovene and foreign pedagogues. The workshops are both practical and theoretical. During 3 editions Vibra was hosting contemporary dance techniques, Akram Khan repertory workshop, choreography workshops, theory and dance analysis, partnering, contemporary ballet and classical ballet classes, mentoring for young dancers and other workshops and events.

Vibra arose from the need to create a platform for the meeting between young dancers of different dance genres and other lovers of dance. Right from the start it became a popular event in Slovenia’s capital, gathers young dancers. Every year the program is upgraded and expanded, putting focus on training, creation and theory.

Magdalena Reiter is the artistic director and founder of Vibra.

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VIBRA_Logo 2015 - Kopija

photo: Darja Štravs Tisu / archive of Vibra 2015

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